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Mr. Elanto Wijoyono
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Combine Resource Institution
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Civil Society
Part 2 - Session Proposal
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The Fulfilment of the Data Justice Framework through the Data Governance Model in Implementing the Village Information System; Indonesia Case Study.
Session Format
Showcase (20 minutes)
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Onsite at the venue (with online moderator for questions and comments from remote participants)
Specific Issues for Discussion
Evidence-based policy-making practices form the basis for the vision of sustainable development in Indonesia at the national and local levels. The primary capital required is the availability of data. The main challenge is the lack of integration of official data from ministries/agencies to regional governments and villages. The Indonesian government established the Electronic Based Government System and One Data Indonesia policies to create data with high integrity through integrated data governance. However, the government's digital transformation strategy through datafication still needs to be improved when approached with a data justice framework. This study found that privacy issues, relations to technology, and discrimination can be anticipated in implementing the Village Information System (VIS). As the lowest form of datafication in the bureaucracy, VIS can be run as a Public Data Trusts (PDTs) model. This study confirms that this model can be built through collaboration between government agencies as public institutions and civil society. The village community's interest in data sovereignty must remain prioritized at every stage of development.
Describe the Relevance of Your Session to APrIGF
This session will showcase emerging trusted data governance and research findings to connect development issues.

The session will explore how the collaboration between government agencies and civil society can formulate in solving the data justice issues regarding the impact of datafication.

Based on a case study in Indonesia, this presentation will show evidence of how the stakeholders can build strong and resilient trust in data governance, from the village level to the national level.
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3 minutes Introduction, setting the context, brief about the issues and challenges by moderator
3 minutes Background: village information system initiatives
10 minutes Dissemination of findings of case study in Indonesia
4 minutes Discussion
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  • Moderator (Primary)

    • Name: Dini Zakia
    • Organization: Combine Resource Institution
    • Designation: Assistant Manager for Business Development Unit
    • Gender: Female
    • Economy / Country of Residence: Indonesia
    • Stakeholder Group: Civil Society
    • Expected Presence: In-person
    • Status of Confirmation: Confirmed
  • Moderator (Facilitator)

    • Stakeholder Group: Select One
    • Expected Presence: In-person
    • Status of Confirmation: Proposed
  • Speaker 1

    • Name: Elanto Wijoyono
    • Organization: Combine Resource Institution
    • Designation: Director
    • Gender: Male
    • Economy / Country of Residence: Indonesia
    • Stakeholder Group: Civil Society
    • Expected Presence: In-person
    • Status of Confirmation: Confirmed
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  • Speaker 2

    • Stakeholder Group: Academia
    • Expected Presence: Online
    • Status of Confirmation: Proposed
  • Speaker 3

    • Stakeholder Group: Government
    • Expected Presence: Online
    • Status of Confirmation: Proposed
  • Speaker 4

    • Stakeholder Group: Select One
    • Expected Presence: Select One
    • Status of Confirmation: Select One
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Elanto Wijoyono has been involved in innovating community-based information networks in several regions of Indonesia for over a decade. As the Director of Combine Resource Institution, he has been associated with Village Information System initiatives, both locally and nationally. His critical understanding of data governance and public policy issues will allow him to bring out the importance of data justice implementation.
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