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Part 1 - Lead Organizer
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Ms. Jasmine Ko
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Project Manager
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Hong Kong
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Technical Community
Part 2 - Session Proposal
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Striving for EcoInternet, towards a resilient Internet
Session Format
Roundtable (60 minutes)
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Onsite at the venue (with online moderator for questions and comments from remote participants)
Specific Issues for Discussion
Internet carbon can only be increasing, thus cannot be ignored.

Building on 3 years efforts of initiating and developing EcoInternet Index, the research on how various factors (i.e. Energy, Efficiency and Economy) affects the Internet-environment relationship continues and the new phase of this project has been extended to 15 and will extend more jurisdictions across Asia Pacific including some least developed countries. Based on the studies and discussions with subject-matter experts, the approach to evaluate the environmental impact related to the digital explosion is more complicated than simply identifying the carbon footprint of the Internet or a specific online activity for direct comparisons among jurisdictions, which can be misleading and debatable in many ways. Measuring the definitive amount of the Internet’s carbon footprint, as it naturally increases along with increasing usage, may not depict the real situation of its eco-friendliness, but instead, looking at how the accelerating growth of the Internet significantly replaces some traditional activities or industries which are way more carbon-heavy, can provide meaningful outcomes for policy directives and decisions.

That said, it is foreseeable that the Internet usage will continue to surge, and therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the sustainability of the Internet network and infrastructure are included or even highlighted in the consideration and decision of any climate agenda and action plan.

The following policy questions will be covered:
Why do we need an EcoInternet to achieve a resilient Internet?
What are the policy recommendations to achieve an EcoInternet?
What are the key factors and challenges to effective collaboration between government and industry in policymaking and implementation to monitor and reduce the environmental impact caused by booming digitalisation?
What are the main reasons for the Asia Pacific region lagging behind in “greening” the Internet?
Describe the Relevance of Your Session to APrIGF
When it comes to a resilient Internet, this critical communication infrastructure must include the aspect of environmental sustainability to make it resilient. This session is suggesting measures that can be taken to improve sustainability and strengthen the resilience of digital infrastructure in the APAC region from an angle that is usually neglected.
Furthermore, this reports creates opportunities and dialogues
stakeholders collaborate and ensure that local communities and businesses have the autonomy to shape their digital futures in alignment with their socio-economic priorities and values?

Expected Outcomes
A concrete and practical framework for government and the industry to collaboratively tackle the environmental impact in relation to digital technologies, suggestions for effective policies and action plans to enhance the sustainability of the Internet infrastructure, as well as possible solutions to overcome any obstacles, are the expected outcomes from the session.
The speakers may exchange their views on the methodology of the EcoInternet Index, the advantages and shortcomings of such an approach, what we can learn from the results and how it can be further improved and developed.

Policy recommendations from the discussions and comments to our study will be input to the research report of our project EcoInternet Index 2024-25.
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Time frame (e.g. 5 minutes, 20 minutes, should add up to 60 minutes) Description
5 minutes Welcome and Introduction to the session
10 minutes Report Highlight of EII 2023 - Project development and outreach progress
20 minutes Interactive Roundtable with proposed policy questions
20 minutes Q&A open the floor to audience
5 minutes Closing remarks and Way forward
Moderators & Speakers Info (Please complete where possible)
  • Moderator (Primary)

    • Name: Jasmine Ko
    • Organization: DotAsia
    • Designation: Project Manager
    • Gender: female
    • Economy / Country of Residence: Hong Kong
    • Stakeholder Group: Technical Community
    • Expected Presence: In-person
    • Status of Confirmation: Confirmed
    • Link of Bio (URL only):
  • Moderator (Facilitator)

    • Name: Edmon Chung
    • Organization: DotAsia
    • Designation: CEO
    • Gender: male
    • Economy / Country of Residence: Hong Kong
    • Stakeholder Group: Technical Community
    • Expected Presence: In-person
    • Status of Confirmation: Confirmed
    • Link of Bio (URL only):
  • Speaker 1

    • Name: Audrey Tang
    • Organization: Taiwan Govt
    • Designation: Minister for Digital Affairs
    • Gender: non-binary
    • Economy / Country of Residence: taiwan
    • Stakeholder Group: Government
    • Expected Presence: In-person
    • Status of Confirmation: Invited
    • Link of Bio (URL only):
  • Speaker 2

    • Name: Tatevik Grigoryan
    • Organization: UNESCO
    • Designation: Associate Programme Specialist
    • Gender: female
    • Economy / Country of Residence: france
    • Stakeholder Group: Intergovernmental Organizations
    • Expected Presence: In-person
    • Status of Confirmation: Invited
    • Link of Bio (URL only):
  • Speaker 3

    • Name: Toshiaki Tateishi
    • Organization: Japan Intellectual Property Association JIPA
    • Designation: Managing Director and Vice-Chairman
    • Gender: male
    • Economy / Country of Residence: Japan
    • Stakeholder Group: Academia
    • Expected Presence: In-person
    • Status of Confirmation: Proposed
    • Link of Bio (URL only):
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