APrIGF 2024 Session Proposal Submission Form
Part 1 - Lead Organizer
Contact Person
Mr. Nicholas Powell
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Freedom Online Coalition
Program Lead (FOC Support Unit)
Economy of Residence
United Kingdom
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Intergovernmental Organizations
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This session is being organised by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, as Chair of the Freedom Online Coalition, and submitted by the FOC Support Unit.
Part 2 - Session Proposal
Session Title
Freedom Online Coalition Regional Dialogue - Asia-Pacific
Session Format
Roundtable (60 minutes)
Where do you plan to organize your session?
Onsite at the venue (with online moderator for questions and comments from remote participants)
Specific Issues for Discussion
The session aims to foster dialogue on digital issues and human rights, including the governance of the Internet and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Participants will be invited to share their insights on these topics and how they relate to critical processes taking place in 2024, including the Summit of the Future, the Global Digital Compact (GDC), and the WSIS+20 review through exploring the role of the Freedom Online Coalition in shaping these global conversations.
Describe the Relevance of Your Session to APrIGF
The session will aim to facilitate information sharing and enhance coordination to support broader efforts in promoting an open, free, and secure digital future shaped in an inclusive and collaborative manner. It will convene government officials, the multistakeholder community, and prospective members of the Coalition based in the Asia-Pacific region. The discussion will prompt participants to touch upon the selected tracks, including questions such as:

What are the most pressing challenges to the protection and promotion of human rights online regionally?
How do you see the FOC’s role in addressing these challenges and leveraging the opportunities of digital technologies?
What are your domestic priorities and objectives relating to the Global Digital Compact and WSIS+20 review process, and how do they relate to the FOC’s priorities?
Are there any gaps or opportunities for the FOC to address regional priorities in ongoing and upcoming processes?
What regional initiatives, bodies, and fora should the FOC engage with to continue fostering cross-regional dialogue on key issues relating to the Internet and digital technologies?

Specifically, the discussion around key UN processes will include a focus on the governance of emerging technologies such as AI, and touch upon issues concerning security and trust to link to the FOC's priorities in its 2024 Program of Action. The session will feed into ongoing Coalition discussions related to key priorities in both ongoing and upcoming processes, and ensuring they are both inclusive and representative of various regions.
Methodology / Agenda (Please add rows by clicking "+" on the right)
Time frame (e.g. 5 minutes, 20 minutes, should add up to 60 minutes) Description
10 Opening remarks from the co-hosts of the dialogue.
5 Presentation from the FOC Support Unit on the Coalition's mechanisms and activities.
40 Open discussion among all participants, guided by a moderator.
5 Closing remarks
Moderators & Speakers Info (Please complete where possible)
  • Moderator (Primary)

    • Name: Lea Kaspar
    • Organization: Global Partners Digital
    • Designation: Executive Director
    • Gender: Female
    • Economy / Country of Residence: Croatia
    • Stakeholder Group: Civil Society
    • Expected Presence: In-person
    • Status of Confirmation: Proposed
    • Link of Bio (URL only):
  • Speaker 1

    • Name: Luca Kuiper
    • Organization: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of the Netherlands
    • Designation: Policy Officer
    • Gender: Male
    • Economy / Country of Residence: Netherlands
    • Stakeholder Group: Government
    • Status of Confirmation: Proposed
Please explain the rationale for choosing each of the above contributors to the session.
The session will focus on audience participation and fostering dialogue, with the above speakers being proposed for moderation of the session and opening remarks, with the possibility of additional remarks. Lea Kaspar is the Head of the FOC Support Unit, and Luca Kuiper is a representative from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chair of the FOC in 2024.
Please declare if you have any potential conflict of interest with the Program Committee 2024.
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